Executive Director, at Equidad ATX


Ashton Cumberbatch, Jr. is President and co-founder of Equidad ATX, a catalyst of holistic, equitable, and transformative neighborhood revitalization and the disruption of systemic poverty in Austin’s Eastern Crescent. Equidad, the Spanish word for “equity”, was founded in 2018, envisions an Eastern Crescent full of thriving communities. To achieve its vision, Equidad utilizes world-class education—cradle to career; mixed-income housing; and community health and wellness. In addition to equity, Equidad also values placed-based planning, strengths-based focus, cultural competency and preservation, listening to learning from and co-creating with neighborhood residents. Ashton, who is also special counsel at McGinnis Lochridge and on staff at Agape Christian Ministries, has an Economics degree from Brown University and a law degree from The University of Texas. He and Jennifer—a biblical counselor, preacher, teacher, playwright, actress, vocalist and baker–have been married for 43 years and are blessed with four children: A. Graham, Virginia, Benjamin (deceased) and Elizabeth.