The Conference on Food Resilience, Access, and Equity is collection of people from community, non-profit, business, entrepreneur, and governmental organizations who are looking to substantively change their local food systems, create more resilient infrastructures, and ensure equity voice and access to food.

The Conference on Food Resilience, Access, and Equity, presented by The Cook’s Nook, provides a forum to facilitate much needed dialogue and cooperation between local private and public organizations to share experience, know-how and best practices that address food insecurity for people most at risk during emergencies and disasters in local communities. We look forward to bringing together local, national, and international experts to collect best practices and create a workbook that all can use to strengthen their communities in Central Texas and beyond.
The Cook’s Nook Consulting team

Joi Chevalier – CEO & Founder, The Cook’s Nook
Dwight Flinkerbusch – Board of Advisors, The Cook’s Nook, Director of Entrepreneurship, TCN Consulting
Jessica Sager – CFRAE Lead, TCN Consulting

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