The Call For Proposals is now closed: Virtual Conference For Food Resilience, Equity & Access

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the Conference for Food Resilience, Equity and Access that will be held virtually in January 2021! We hope that you join us as we explore topics related to understanding local food systems, food insecurity, equity and access, during emergency and disaster recovery.

We are hosting this conference because we believe that by better understanding local food systems, its constituents’ goals and challenges, community and government leaders will be able to more easily foster cooperation between private and public organizations and address food insecurity for those most at risk during times of emergencies, disasters and recovery.

Who should attend this conference: All professionals, experts, civic and community leaders, who are passionate about improving our food system.

When submitting your proposal, please consider whether it aligns with one of the following areas of focus:

  • Responsive food systems
    • Defining, exploring and operationalizing topics such as resilience, access, adaptive capacity, diversity, redundancy, innovation and transformation as they relate to food systems
  • Food equity, food justice & food sovereignty
    • Defining, exploring, and addressing inequities, power relationships, and intersections within the system and how they relate to the concept of resilience
  • Lessons learned from COVID regarding our food systems
    • Identifying issues within our food system that have been exacerbated by COVID and highlighting solutions and innovations
  • Food ecosystems, partnerships and collaborations
    • Exploring the creation of partnerships across all sectors of the economy including government, nonprofits, for-profits, community organizations, foundations and more in the development of an equitable and sustainable food ecosystem

Wildcard topics: If you think you have a topic that isn’t covered here but believe that it is aligned with the fulfillment of our objectives or the purpose of this conference please submit it as well.

The Conference on Food Resilience, Equity and Access, presented by The Cook’s Nook, provides a forum to facilitate much needed dialogue and cooperation between local private and public organizations to share experience, know-how and best practices that address food insecurity for people most at risk during emergencies and disasters in local communities.

This Conference was based on our experience with the Central Texas food system and bringing local, national, and international expertise together, with the goal of creating a living workbook that all can use to strengthen their communities.

Session Formats:

  • Presentations, by individual speakers, followed by Q&A- 30 minutes
  • Panels, with 3-7 speakers- 45 minutes – 60 minutes
  • Workshops, action oriented, hands on sessions – 60 minutes
  • Virtual poster session – 2-5 minute recordings

Please note: based on presenter interest, we reserve the option to offer an alternative format, for example, to put like themes/presenters into a panel vs an individual presentation.

Review Criteria:

Submissions will be reviewed by a committee with a focus on providing voice and opportunity to address all topics of interest.

Important Dates

The call for submissions closed on November 30th.