A native of The Bronx, NY, Errol Schweizer is a 25+ year veteran of the food system, with experience in retail, food service, cooperatives, farmers markets, urban agriculture, community organizing and food policy.

He has worked nearly every retail and service sector job, from grill cook and dishwasher, to stock clerk and purchasing manager. As the former V.P. of Grocery for Whole Foods, he spent over a decade bringing more than 6,000 products to market. Brands such as Vital Farms, Beyond Meat, Justin’s Nut Butters, Orgain, Suja, Siggi’s Skyr, Saffron Road, Lily’s Chocolates, NadaMoo and dozens more were discovered and developed by Errol’s team.

Errol has subsequently had a huge impact on non-GMO and organic product availability, fair labor standards, Halal and Kosher certification, plant-based foods, and grass-fed and humanely-raised meat, eggs and dairy. He is committed to diversity and equity in the food system and supports the rights of all food system workers to organize.

Errol also co-founded Drop the Rock, the campaign to overturn mandatory minimum sentencing in New York State, and was instrumental in legalizing hemp and cannabis in many states in the U.S. Errol was awarded Supermarket News Retail Game-changer of the Year in 2015 and was recognized by the Hemp Industry Association with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. He is also a longtime organizer, researcher and published author on environmental justice issues. Errol is currently a Board Member, Advisor and Co-Founder for over a dozen retailers and manufacturers in the natural products and cannabis sectors and is active in regional food policy, Organic food access and social justice organizing. He is an avid reader, gardener and hiker.

Errol recently launched The Checkout podcast with industry veteran Evan Driscoll.