March 12, 1-2 pm

Our first Conference on Food Resilience, Access & Equity (CFRAE) session at The Future of Food at SXSW, “Culinary Restoration: Decolonizing the Food Business,” will continue the conversation from Fall CFRAE and HT’s Green Justice Forum, Culinary Restoration: Economic and Cultural Reclamation Through Food Entrepreneurship, Adrian Lipscombe, Tonya and David Thomas, and Eddie Hill, along with Joi Chevalier, will discuss their journeys and approaches in growing community, developing land and property ownership, and creating intergenerational wealth by building businesses and enterprises that intentionally focus on and reclaim their culinary and agricultural heritage.

This panel focuses on the challenges of removing supremacist cultural practices from their companies in order to create innovative and culturally competent and aware companies, reflective of their heritage.

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  • Joi Chevalier
    Founder & CEO, The Cook’s Nook
  • Eddie Hill
    Executive Director, The Collaboratory
  • Adrian Lipscombe
    Founder, 40 Acres Project
  • David Thomas
    Executive Chef/Partner, H3irloom Food Group
  • Tonya Thomas
    Executive Chef/Partner, H3irloom Food Group